Welcome to World History for the Academy of Commerce and Entrepreneurship
   This course is a study of modern world history, which will include the foundation of world religions, exploration, intellectual revolutions, violent revolutions, industrial revolutions and nationalism/imperialism. These events will further be examined through world wars, the cold war, and the quest of countries that seek independence and change across the globe.
   World History is a core academic course required for graduation. Through the study of history, students will gain an understanding of continuity and change within and across eras of time. Through this historical development, students will gain a better perspective of our place as Americans in world history and the increasing importance of diverse global connections among world societies. Students will continue to develop their reading, writing and critical thinking skills, which will provide leverage and value in other academic disciplines and provide enduring skills for life beyond high school.

Lifelong Learning Standards

Complex Thinker
- Effective Communicator
- Self-directed Learner
- Quality Producer
- Contributing Citizen

Last Modified on July 23, 2013