The primary focus on this class is to enable you to understand spoken Spanish and to provide you with the skills that will further develop your communicative abilities.

Emphasis will be placed on ORAL COMMUNICATION.

Reading and writing activities will also be used to further enhance your grasp of vocabulary and to provide you with new information and skills, so that you can express yourself clearly in Spanish.

            Grammatical concepts will be reviewed thoroughly in class with detailed explanations and exercises, so that you may develop all the necessary skills and confidence in the new structure learned. 

            Daily oral participation is most important, therefore daily attendance is essential for this course.  Class participation entails asking questions, making comments related to topics of discussion, volunteering answers and also sharing ideas in group activities.  We are all here to learn and no one should feel discomfort in making mistakes when attempting to communicate in Spanish.  After all we are here not only to learn but also, hopefully, to enjoy ourselves while learning not only the Spanish language, but also involving ourselves in its culture and traditions

Last Modified on October 6, 2011