If you do your best, what else can anyone demand of you?

Learning to put forth our best effort in all areas is one of the hardest lessons to learn, but it is also one of the most rewarding throughout the course of our lifetimes. Doing our best is not a guarantee of victory or material success, indeed, only one person can win a race. Yet, giving the best of which we are capable should never leave us with regrets about our efforts.

In my classes, all of my students are expected to put forth their best effort each day. Circumstances may not always be our allies, but a character devoted to offering the best will overcome nearly any obstacle in time.

I require your child to have some Internet access in an effort to provide your child with some of the innovative technologies that will enable them to succeed to a greater degree in their remaining high school years as well as prepare them for the rigors of the college and workplace experience. These assignments will require your child to access the Internet a few times throughout the week: this can happen outside the home if  regular or reliable Internet access is unavailable. The county library offers free computer access for students with the use of their library card. All of the online work will take course over the period of several days using primarily Schoology.com. Students with Internet-capable devices are allowed and encouraged to bring them to class; though they must use them responsibly when on campus.
A downloadable copy of the registration directions will be posted below at the beginning of the term.
Parents, I invite you to email me any concerns or questions you may have about these added features of my classes. Additionally, I am introducing the feature this year that allows you to access and view your child's Schoology activities. Instructions will be sent home during the first  of class.
I am usually available to answer questions through email: mwilliams@nlmusd.org.
I try to respond to all emails within two or three hours.
The following files will be in use throughout the year. You may download these and print out as needed.

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