To leave a message for a COUNSELOR, please call their telephone extension or the school office at 562.868.0431 ext. 4149.  Otherwise, email them directly by clicking on their email link. To view current grades and attendance, log in or register to access PowerSchool's Parent Portal.  Click HERE to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal and the instruction guides in English or Español.

9-12 (A-Chau); ESL & LA FAME Email Ext. 4824
9-11 (Cub - Mace) 12 (Chavez - Guy) Email Ext. 4121
9-11 (Macf-J.Molina) 12 (Guzman-Mend); PLTW Biomedical & AVID Email Ext. 4117
9-11 (K.Molina-J.Romero) 12 (Mena-A.Rodriguez); PLTW Computer Science Email Ext. 4108
9-11 (K.Romero-Z.) 12 (B.Rodriguez-Z.); PLTW Engineering Email Ext. 4106
9-10th Grade Intervention Email Ext. 4557
College & Career Counseling Email Ext. 4145