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Developing an organized system of note taking is a critical part of college success. Taking great notes doesn’t just help us retain more material, it also helps develop higher order thinking skills. When we take notes, we are forced to arrange concepts in terms of priority, relevance and inter-connectedness.
Done right, our notes can be far more than a tool for rote memorization and acing tests, they also help us to master the concepts behind the material. There is plenty of advice out there on how to organize and review notes for different types of subjects. But note taking protocols and guidelines from the pre-web era are of little help to today’s information-overloaded student.
ReadWriteThink Notetaker
This outlining tool allows students to organize up to five levels of information for reading and writing activities. During or after reading, the Notetaker can be used to organize reading notes, research, and related ideas. During the writing process, students can use the tool to organize their information in the prewriting stage and to review and structure their ideas during writing and revision.
Students can choose the format that the outline will use (e.g., bullets, Roman numerals, letters) as well as enter up to five levels of information. The Notetaker includes a tutorial, which demonstrates how to use the tool, as well as a Notes area where students can track information that does not fit into the outline. The Notetaker creates an HTML file of students’ outlines, which can be printed or saved and edited later in any HTML editor.

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Graphic Organizers
Graphic Organizers can be used for organizing notes for reading and writing.
Students can use the graphic organizers to structure their ideas and information. 
These tools also aid students with focus, attention and time management.
Students and teachers click on the link below for free printable graphic organizers.

Tape Recorder
Why use a tape recorder for note taking? Looking up at the teacher and trying to write or type notes may often interfere with listening comprehension. When using a tape recorder students are able to give full attention to listening to the instructions during lessons. Using the built in numbered meter and pause button in the tape recorder will aid students in reviewing information anywhere anytime. It is always a good idea to request permission to use a tape recorder in class for note taking.

Outline Wizard Power Point

Note Taking:
The smartpen records and links the audio to what you write so that you never miss a word.This pen can record lectures, upload the lecture to your computer and turn audio in to lecture notes. Click on the link for more information.